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IT Retail Professional, a Household Name in Point of Sale, Rebrands to CresLane Retail Solutions

San Antonio, TX, February 27 2024The well-established grocery point-of-sale solution, IT Retail Professional, has announced its rebranding to CresLane Retail Solutions, effective February 2024. Launched in 1995, IT Retail Professional has developed a reputation for ease of use and reliability, providing thousands of grocers across the Americas the point-of-sale solutions necessary for their daily store operations.

In the picturesque surroundings of Crestline, California, near the serene Lake Gregory, a story began in 1995 that would significantly impact the landscape of retail operations. A group of visionary leaders from Goodwins Markets came together, united by a shared dream: to create a point-of-sale technology that would revolutionize store operations designed for grocers by grocers. This technology was intended to serve as a hub, a central point for various systems supporting the store—from loyalty programs to payment gateways and government programs—to seamlessly integrate. The goal was clear: to deliver unrivaled, smooth operations for grocers everywhere.

Nearly three decades later, the IT Retail Professional solution has experienced remarkable growth and expansion. Starting from its humble beginnings in Crestline, it quickly expanded across Central America, the United States, and Canada. The solution they created evolved beyond a mere tool; it became a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to retail excellence.

In July 2023, Dura Software acquired the IT Retail Professional solution, bringing in a new era of development and prosperity. Jon Bohrer, an industry veteran, was appointed as CEO to lead the company into this new phase of investment and growth.

“The rebranding to CresLane is a salute to our foundational roots and the collective efforts of those who propelled the IT Retail Professional brand to its pinnacle,” stated Jon Bohrer, CEO of CresLane. “The name CresLane aptly reflects the enduring legacy of our grocery-focused point-of-sale systems and the path ahead,” he added.

A new website that provides background on the new brand, along with additional service offerings, is available at

About CresLane Retail Solutions

With deep knowledge of the independent grocery store environment, CresLane Retail Solutions offers advanced Point of Sale (POS) solutions to independent grocers. Serving grocery stores, markets, general stores, corner stores, co-ops, and beyond, the software suite provides a range of mission-critical capabilities, including integrated multi-store point of sale, self-checkout, reporting, POS hardware, and back-office support. These capabilities enable customers to make better operational decisions, ensuring profitability and continuous support for their independent grocery businesses. Learn more at